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Midbrain Activation Business Sub Licence Use in INDIA

Midbrain activation is one kind of the potential mental self-training method of the twenty-first century, it is also a rare case of entrepreneurial opportunity for the business partners. Blindfold training method (also known as midbrain activation) since 2005 and now has accomplished thousands of children's successful self-midbrain activation ability potential.

Our blindfolded mental self-training method has good reviews and reputation, it is a shortcut to the road leading to genius. Most of the students in our training center are recommended by those parents who had already sent their children attended our program.

Between the child's midbrain activation both in training and technology all have an unlimited amount of market value. So far, only a handful of countries are operating, but only Southeast Asian countries can be said that today's market is infinite.

Midbrain Activation: MBM Midbrain Master Training Materials

"MBM material" is the use of a specially modified and recognized the most effective midbrain activation teaching material.
1) MBM software materials
2) MBM hardware materials


If you are serious to do blindfold activation or midbrain activation business then you might be interested about what we offer.

Our franchise program consists of two activation methods :-
1. With music
Children activated by hearing the music. We have several type of ready-made tested and proven activation music, no need to do research, trial and creating for the music any more.

2. Without music (Sensory Vibration Method)
Activate the intuition without music. No need to hear music and it is safe and natural way for activated. Using the human power ability, Sensory Vibration Method is suitable for ADULT AND CHILDREN.

If you buy our sub Licencee user, you will get :

(A) MBM Midbrain Activation training program (to teach how to activate midbrain – e-book)
A complete set of midbrain activation guidelines ebook (midbrain activation secret), containing midbrain activation procedure and teaching material utilization necessary teaching criterion. Materials including the environment design, atmosphere building, the psychological construction, the guardian counsel, the photosphere training, left and right brain training gesture and the colored picture association and so on.

(B) One set of MBM teaching instructions DVD
One set of midbrain activation recording the teaching process live video. It is contains of photosphere training method, deep breathing training method and gestures left and right brain training method and so on.

(C) MBM training kit
(i) eye moving training software
(ii) expands, the reduction phantom training software
(iii) photosphere training software
(iv) gestures left and right brain training software
(v) midbrain activation music software
(vi) colored association picture
(vii) card shape, color association picture

(D) MBM Midbrain Activation procedure and operation (by senior lecturer personally scene teaching, demonstration and so on, two day-long midbrain activation curriculum)
Note: We also give you LIFETIME SUPPORT till you mastering the method. We train your team in your city or your team come to our city.




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