We are MBM Midbrain Master Training Center, we wishes to promote and create more talents as our goal, we are continuously learning and study of the brain. 


1) ESP Basic Level Course
2) ESP Photo graphic Memory
3) ESP Enhancement Program Advance Level
4) ESP Quantum Speed Reading

1) ESP Basic Level Course:

Sensory / cognitive System):- Contestants identify colours and letters without ordinary sensory input. By using the left brain 5 senses. We have eye ball excercise, 3D Image games, Meditations, Entertainment like games & dance activities and also ESP Brain Gym exercises : (Motor System) Contestants hold demanding isometric postures, based on oriental health theory, that help promote overall circulatory wellness. Dr. Paul Dianes says that this activity will awaken us to understanding of the inter depending of movement, learning, and brain development. We have 5 levels in this course.


Adaptation age : 6 to 15 years
Time Duration - 18 weeks
In this we will have 3 week of 2 full day workshop & the rest of the 15 weeks will be for 2 1/2 hrs. in this 15 weeks every weekend the children will have competition among themselves, & points will be given to them. On every 6th week end - The child will have to undergo a test for each & every level they have completed.